AI is a Bwitch

AI is a Bwitch

AI is a BWitch!

No, not the cool one everyone uses to turn their favorite face into a cartoon but that one kind of disease that tares apart lives: Auto Immune Disease 🦠

We have noticed a HUGE uptick in newly diagnosed AI cases not only in the Wiregrass but also globally. Is there a reason for this uptick? Absolutely! However, in conjecture, studies have been blocked to prove the theory of why AI is on the rise and those reasons are beyond the scope of this post.

The fact is AI sucks and many people are having to learn to live with an ugly disease that effects people physically, mentally and spiritually. In fact, we can almost guarantee if it’s not you, the reader suffering from AI, it’s someone in your family, a friend or even a coworker.

Just look at some of the most common symptoms we have found across MOST AI diseases:


Pain and unexplained pain

Swelling and inflammation

Stiff joints

Muscle aches and pains


Skin problems

Swollen glands

Fevers that come and go



Determining the cause of the symptoms can make many doctors scratch their heads! Most of the time it’s not that doctors are NOT willing to help but that they DONT KNOW HOW to help- safely and within the confines of the law. The reason is because not every case will present the same and not every treatment will work. Why do doctors practice medicine? Because know one has all the answers and the doctors keep PRACTICING to find the correct solution. And as many of you have found it becomes a constant search for relief.

At Lunation, we believe the root cause for ALL DISEASE boils down to one thing: INFLAMMATION. When we as healers can help you learn how to control inflammation naturally, amazing results can be begin. When inflammation is under control it also becomes easier for your doctors to sort through all the other medical issues that auto immune disease produces.

There is technically no cure for AI disease but a life long burden that ‘we’ suffers learn how to manage. When we learn how to control it then we must learn how to keep it in place to stop the cyclic processes of AI.

Ready to take the first step in getting control? Come by and see Ms Dee or Doc and let’s talk about it and get you started on our balancing tea! Our balancing tea is a blend of Vanna Tulsi, Turmeric and Ginger which has been scientifically PROVEN as an incredible INFLAMMATION BUSTER! It can help flush the body and organs of stagnant energy and ‘molecules’ that no longer serves you!  It’s worth the $5.50 to give it a try!  As always, we will be happy to work with your health care professional to complete an entire healing protocol for you! 

Stay Healthy,




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