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Aunt Jacki's Ultimate Love Me Candle

Aunt Jacki's Ultimate Love Me Candle

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"The ultimate love magic to send and receive the emotions you are desiring. Blessing: I send a message to you from me Love in the air I wish you to see My heart is full and to you takes flight Return it to me with sweetness and light Let love grow from you to me So vibrant and sweet that all can see So it is and so it will be, love to you and love to me

Size: 2" x 4" Pillar

Burn Time: 40 Hours

Color: Lipstick Red

Scent: Earthy Lavender

ATTENTION: Remove all packaging before lighting. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Place in a fire safe container. Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets. We've done all the work for you – each blend of herbs and oils is specially chosen to complement the intention of the candle. Handmade in Ferndale, MI"

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