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Irish Breakfast Tea 45g LS

Irish Breakfast Tea 45g LS

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A flavorful, bold and full-bodied black tea blend. Perfect for mornings with a splash of milk.

Each tea package comes with 45g (1.5oz) of tea. A fluffy package of tea will make 20-50 cups while a heavier weight tea (think roots) will make 20-30 cups. We also include 20 disposable tea filters packed in a cotton tea bag. We have included everything one would need to make tea: just add to the perfect temperature water in a cup, steep then drink.

We always choose organic ingredients when available! All of our teas are hand blended with intention in small batches at our store and then each tea package is assembled and safety sealed for your convenience.

Ingredients Contains caffeine.

Proprietary Back Tea mix of Assam, Keemun and Ceylon

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