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Priestess of the Fire Temple PB

Priestess of the Fire Temple PB

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A girl with flame-red hair and an untamed spirit, Aislinn - daughter of the high king of the Central Kingdom – has spent nearly all her life among the animals, forests, and fields of her land. Raised in a community steeped in both Pagani and Cristaidi mores, Aislinn feels destined to devote herself to the Druidic mysteries. Yet her path takes a drastic turn when she enters an arranged marriage to the cold, self-serving prince of Irardacht—her father’s strategic move to end bloodshed and maintain peace between their kingdoms.When unrest breaks out despite her loveless union with the prince, Aislinn escapes to the forest, where she finds herself immersed in dangerous adventures and fateful encounters. Driven by her yearning to honor the old ways of the Druids and her duty to the land and her people, Aislinn must discover her calling…This third and final book in the popular A Druid’s Tale trilogy ( Priestess of the Forest – a Druid Journey and The Druid Isle) is an instructional teaching tale that offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient fire temple practices, sun worship, and many other aspects of Druid belief. Includes an Old Irish glossary and pronunciation guide.

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