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The UFO Phenomenon

The UFO Phenomenon

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Are the lights and strange craft in our skies aliens from other galaxies-or the product of fraud, delusion, or mistaken identity?

John Michael Greer-a respected authority on the occult and the unexplained-reveals the secret hidden at the center of the UFO labyrinth. This meticulously researched guide plunges into the thick of the controversy with an unexpected and compelling approach to the UFO mystery, from Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting of the first "flying saucers" to present-day encounters.

Moving beyond the familiar debate between those who believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin and those who believe UFOs do not exist at all, this unique work goes further to examine stranger and more rewarding topics-the nature of apparitions, the history of secret American aerospace technologies, the mythology of progress, and the role of popular culture in defining experienced reality.

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