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True Tales of Angel Encounters

True Tales of Angel Encounters

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A beautiful premature baby girl thrives after being visited by a loving nurse-a nurse that none of the other hospital staff have ever heard of. A cab driver picks up a unlikely passenger who offers just the advice the cabbie needs-then disappears into thin air.

Ordinary people of diverse faiths, including the non-religious, have experienced the wonder of angels. This fascinating collection of true stories highlights how spiritual beings-manifesting as a kind stranger, a radiant figure, or a comforting presence-have touched lives around the world.

These personal tales offer a compelling glimpse of angels at work-protecting children, giving advice during a crisis, comforting the dying, bringing messages from loved ones who have passed on, and offering strength at the darkest hour. Author Carmel Reilly presents a colorful array of true angel encounters:

Angels in Times of Crisis

Healing Angels

Guardian Angels and Messengers

Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts

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